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Macrame Jewelry Unit


Assignment Description:

Step 1: Create 50 beads; 20 polymer beads; 30 regular clay beads. Paint or glaze the regular clay beads.

Step 2: Learn how to tie the following knots: square knot, alternating square knot, half knot, continuous half hitch, alternating half hitch, diagonal double half hitch, lark's head, and overhand knot. Use the tutorials below to teach yourself how to tie the various knots.

Step 3: Create a bracelet that demonstrates at least 5 of the knots listed above.

Step 4: Create a keychain that demonstrates the lark's head and alternating square knot.

Step 5: Create 2 pieces of jewelry using the handouts provided by your instructor.

Step 6: Create 2 pieces of jewelry that are unique designs of your own.


Polymer Bead-MakingTutorial




Macrame Knot Tutorials

overhand knot
continuous half htich
half knot
square knot
square knot with picots
alternating half hitch
Diagonal Double Half hitch
Lark's Head
alternating square knot


Printable Assignment Handout

word Macrame Unit Handout Document

pdf Macrame Unit Handout PDF File


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